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Which measures for thermal modernization of an apartment building are the most effective?

When it comes to energy-saving technologies for multi-apartment buildings, as a rule, wall insulation, window replacement, and roof insulation are mentioned. But calculations and implementation experience indicate that these measures have a very high cost and a very long payback period. Moreover, without the implementation of additional measures, such as weather regulation and effective maintenance of engineering networks, they do not lead to a significant reduction in energy consumption, even if the work is performed qualitatively. As a result, significant funds invested in "energy-saving windows" or "insulation" do not lead to the desired result and are simply wasted.

At the same time, an apartment building can often be called a "golden vein" due to energy losses. And relatively small, and sometimes completely insignificant capital investments lead to significant savings. In addition, they can scale well. A by-product of the gradual implementation of measures is gaining experience in the preparation and implementation of projects, and most importantly, effective home maintenance. This is a guarantee that when the time comes and the funds for complex thermal modernization works become available, they will be used to the maximum benefit.