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The project of the local program for the restoration of destroyed housing

The proposed recovery program will be of interest to those communities that have experienced relatively minor destruction or damage to housing.

The program is designed to provide co-owners with financial support from the local budget to stimulate their participation in state and international rehabilitation programs. 

Ukraine plans to attract all possible sources to finance reconstruction and new construction. The authorities have created special funds, agencies, etc. for this purpose. First of all, Ukraine hopes for help from partner countries and international institutions — the World Bank, the IMF, the EBRD, the European Investment Bank, etc. In addition, it is planned to cover part of the costs of restoration with the seized Russian assets.

But as of today, clear and real access to funding for housing restoration is offered only by the Energy Efficiency Fund's "VidnovyDIM" program.
Therefore, the territorial community, by allocating a small amount from its budget, can help its condominiums to participate in the state program "Renewal Homes".

Presentation of the template of the local program for the restoration of destroyed housing HERE