The house at Severynivska Street, 131 in Irpen will be renovated at the expense of the Service for Reconstruction and Development of Infrastructure of the Kyiv Region. The other day, the residents of the building met with the first deputy mayor of Irpin, Andriy Kravchuk, the deputy of the city council, Oksana Nechitaylo, and representatives of the project organization to discuss the scope of work and the terms of their completion.

During the hostilities, the building was damaged and currently requires major repairs. The Service for Reconstruction and Development of Infrastructure of Kyiv region allocates 38 million hryvnias for this project.

During the meeting, active residents expressed their desire to independently monitor the capital repair process.

"Residents are ready to independently monitor the quality of work, compliance with estimates and the professionalism of builders, and I understand them perfectly. Every resident of the Irpinsky SMU is looking forward to the restoration of their housing", - notes  district deputy Oksana Nechytailo.

Let us remind you, the 10th Line in Irpen will also be available soon starts renovation of a four-story building. The charitable foundation "Leroy Merlin Solidarity", the public organization "Narodno domozoma Ukraine" and the "Energy Efficiency Fund" will participate in its restoration.


Source of information — IRPENI OUTPOST