4.77 billion hryvnias will be allocated from the Fund for Liquidation of the Consequences of Armed Aggression of the Russian Federation (Liquidation Fund) for the implementation of 133 regional reconstruction projects, as well as for the purchase of priority types of special equipment. The relevant order was adopted at a meeting of the Government on Wednesday.

The approved reconstruction projects were reviewed in July, during the second meeting of the Interdepartmental Working Group chaired by the Vice Prime Minister for Reconstruction of Ukraine, the Minister of Community and Territorial Development and infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov.

"The liquidation fund allows communities to submit for consideration all restoration projects that are critical to them. Priority is given to those projects that allow to provide residents of the affected areas with housing, civil protection facilities, as well as provide basic communal and educational services, health care services. All this creates the conditions for the return of a full-fledged life in the affected communities, which is the main task of critical recovery projects," Oleksandr Kubrakov noted.

According to the results of the second meeting of the Interdepartmental Working Group, the highest priority was given to:

  • projects for the restoration of damaged or destroyed objects, the majority of which are multi-apartment residential buildings,

  • arrangement of protective structures of civil protection,

  • objects of water supply and drainage, the need for the implementation of which is caused by the consequences of the enemy undermining the Kakhovskaya HPP,

  • objects for providing housing for IDPs and persons who lost it as a result of armed aggression.

In addition, almost 550 million hryvnias will be allocated for the restoration and creation of reserve capacities of heat supply facilities.

In addition, it was decided to allocate funds from the Liquidation Fund to the purchase of priority types of special equipment (backhoe loaders, garbage trucks, truck towers, dump trucks and truck cranes) for Donetsk, Sumy, Kherson and Chernihiv regions.

We remind you that according to the results of the first meeting of the Interdepartmental Working Group the Government approved the allocation of 6.6 billion hryvnias for regional projects. Thus, in general, 11.37 billion hryvnias of the Fund's funds will be allocated for the implementation of projects aimed at eliminating the consequences of armed aggression.

Source of information — Ministry of Reconstruction