The public organization "Kyiv city branch of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Civic Network OPORA" announces a tender for proposals for the selection of supplier(s) for the provision of services "Conducting an analysis of the main technical solutions for individual buildings and towns and the choice of optimal energy supply concepts for such buildings in view of Ukrainian standards and best European practices" within the framework of the project "Housing for Life: Comprehensive Solutions for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)".

Services are expected to be delivered between November and December 2023. Please familiarize yourself with the nature of the expected services and evaluation criteria in detail, fill out and send the necessary documents to the email address:

Scope of services and expected results:

In the study, it is proposed to conduct an analysis of the main technical solutions for individual buildings and towns and to choose the optimal ones in view of the life cycle, the cost of construction and operation, and the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

As a result, the most optimal energy supply concepts for such buildings will be proposed, taking into account Ukrainian standards and best European practices. Among them, the management systems of engineering systems and the organization of mutual settlements for consumed energy carriers (as well as the creation of energy cooperatives) will be considered. Given the form of ownership of such towns (as a rule, communal), such concepts will be much easier to implement in comparison with buildings that are privately owned.

Content of work:

It is planned that the solutions will be developed on the basis of several real towns and buildings and will cover the following areas:

  • Thermal technical characteristics of enclosing structures (walls, roofs, windows, doors, floors);
  • Heating systems (centralized and decentralized);
  • Ventilation systems;
  • Air conditioning systems (centralized and decentralized);
  • Hot water supply systems (centralized and decentralized);
  • Power supply systems, including those based on solar batteries, cogeneration plants;
  • Heat supply systems, including those based on solid fuel boilers, heat pumps and cogeneration units.

Work order:

  • Building energy balances for typical objects;
  •  Optimization of structures and engineering networks considering the cost of energy carriers and construction works;
  • Selection of optimal sources of heat and electricity with maximum use of renewable sources;
  • Technical and economic assessment of the proposed options within the life cycle of buildings;
  • Development of an album of the best technical solutions for structures, engineering systems and power supply systems;

Requirements for the performer:

  • Status of the business entity
  • Experience of participation in public councils of central executive bodies responsible for housing policy and construction
  • Confirmed current possibility to carry out advocacy on behalf of non-governmental organizations (public associations, charitable organizations, associations of co-owners of apartment buildings and their associations, bodies of self-organization of the population etc). The submission of documents confirming the inclusion of such bodies in the management bodies will be considered as confirmationzations.

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • availability of experience/samples of previous work. Experience of cooperation with OPORA will be an advantage
  • full total cost of providing services in hryvnias without VAT

The complete package of documents must contain scanned copies of:

  • completed application for participation in the full competitive selection, which can be found at the link: 
  • resume describing work experience 
  • price offer according to the above requirements ( )

Participation in the competition can be taken by FOP, PP or limited liability company.

For a legal entity, please provide the following scanned copies of documents:

  • taxpayer registration certificate.
  • certificates or extracts from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

For individuals, please provide the following scanned copies of documents:

  • certificates or extracts from the Unified State Register.

The answer will be sent only to those candidates who will be selected for an interview.

Please send offers in Ukrainian (a complete package of documents) by 23:59 on November 2, 2023 to the email address:

The project "Housing for Life: Integrated Solutions for Internally Displaced Persons" was created by the Public Organization "Kyiv City Branch of the All-Ukrainian Public Organization "Civic Network OPORA" thanks to a grant from Programs "Support of civil society organizations (CSOs)" in Ukraine within  financial support of the Embassy of Great Britain. The program is implemented by Crown Agents in partnership with International Alert and in cooperation with Crown Agents in Ukraine.

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