In Buchi in Kyiv Oblast, the reconstruction of townhouses is being completed. Houses were damaged by the blast wave during hostilities in the region.

The mayor of Buchansk, Anatoly Fedoruk, told about it.

Houses are being restored at the expense of the city council: facades, roofs have already been restored, windows and doors have been partially replaced.

"Soon another six families will be able to return to their homes," he noted.

What is known about the reconstruction of Buchi

Bucha was under occupation for 33 days. Russian troops left the city March 31, 2022 . More than 2,500 structures were damaged by the Russian invaders in Buchi. In general, the losses of the city amount to more than 5 billion hryvnias. Last September, Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk reported, that 372 private houses and two high-rise buildings will be demolished in the city. They cannot be restored.

On January 2, 2023, Mayor Buchi informed that about 523 private houses in the community have destruction of various degrees. Of these, 70 settlements were completely destroyed due to Russian invasion.

In Buci there is VidnovyDIM program, which rebuilds apartment buildings damaged by the Russian invasion. Only condominiums can become program participants.

In Buci, Kyiv region lyceum #3 is being rebuilt. During the occupation, Russian troops stationed their headquarters there.

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