More than 1,400 Ukrainians whose homes were damaged as a result of the war have already applied for compensation under the eRecovery program. This is reported by the Government portal

Already in the next month with the citizens who applied, contact representatives of local authorities to check the necessary documents and make a final decision.

We remind you that to apply for compensation you need: 

• check whether the accommodation is registered in the State Register of Real Property Rights (if not, contact the Central Administrative Court, a notary or local or village councils);

• submit an appropriate application using the service isRecovery in the Action application;

• order a certificate of criminal record, because compensation will not be available to persons convicted of crimes against the foundations of national security;

• wait for a message from the commission.

Currently, applications will only be considered from sole proprietors. The Government is working on compensation mechanisms for those who have co-owned housing, are located in temporarily occupied territory, or who have already made repairs, which will be presented in the fall.

Source of information — Ministry of Reintegration