On July 18, beta testing started in Action  submission of an application for compensation for destroyed housing. Currently, it concerns citizens who have destroyed homes in Moschun and Borodyanka, Kyiv region.

This is part of the second stage of the state policy to provide housing for Ukrainians whose homes were damaged or destroyed as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation. At the first stage, on May 10, the program was launched for minor repairs of damaged housing.

We note that the compensation mechanism for destroyed housing uses a similar submission algorithm as the Restoration. Citizens will need to apply for compensation through Diya. Later, we will open up the possibility of submitting an application through the Tsnap, a notary or a social security body.

After that, the commission created by the community will consider it, conduct an inspection of the housing and make a decision on the assignment of compensation.

Ukrainians who:

can become testers

◾️ have reached the age of 18

◾️ have a verified RNOCPP

◾️ pre-sent a damaged property report

◾️  have a destroyed house in the territory of the village. Moschun in the Gostomel territorial community or in Borodyanka village of the Borodyan settlement territorial community of the Kyiv region

◾️ is the sole owner of the property, which is registered in the State Register of Real Property Rights (SRRP).

You can join the beta test via the link: https://t.me/diia_beta_bot 

We emphasize that currently the compensation mechanism for destroyed housing applies exclusively to housing located in the unoccupied part of Ukraine. Regarding the occupied territories, we are developing a separate decision.

The amount of compensation will be determined on the basis of open and transparent formulas provided by the Procedure for providing compensation for destroyed real estate objects adopted by the Government of Ukraine.

It is available at the link: https://zakon.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/600-2023-п#Text

The same compensation will be provided in the form of a non-cash housing certificate. It can be used to buy an apartment or a private house on the primary or secondary markets. Subsequently, those citizens who lost such a house will be given the opportunity to receive financial assistance for the construction of a new private house.

It will be possible to get new housing in any community of Ukraine, except temporarily occupied territories.

Let us remind you that in May the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the Procedure for providing compensation for destroyed housing, initiated by the Ministry of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure. It is assumed that Ukrainians whose homes were destroyed as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation will be able to receive compensation for the purchase or construction of a new home.

The Ministry of Reconstruction, Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, USAID/UKaid project TAPAS Project/Transparency and accountability in public administration and services and the World Bank are jointly working on the implementation of the compensation mechanism. 

The source of information is the Ministry ofupdate