A package of documents must be prepared before submitting an Application for receiving a grant under the "VidnovyDIM" Program of condominiums. We talk about all the stages in detail.

Hold a general meeting

The Energy Efficiency Fund must be submitted an extract from the minutes of the general meeting of the condominium, at which a decision was made to restore the damaged apartment building and participate in the Program.

Excerpt must contain:

● correct details and data of the condominium (name, EDRPOU code, house address, etc.);
● the name of the document "Excerpt from the minutes of the general meeting of the condominium "__", held in __ year";
● information on the procedure for determining the number of votes of co-owners at the general meeting, provided for by the statute;
● data necessary to verify the fact of decision-making (total number of co-owners of apartments and non-residential premises, total area / number of apartments and non-residential premises; number of co-owners who participated in the meeting and in the written survey, number / area of their own apartments and non-residential premises) ;
● a list of issues on the agenda of the general meeting related to participation in the Program;
● sections "Listened", "Decided" and "Voting results" (with an indication of how many co-owners voted "for" and "against", what is the number / area of their apartments and non-residential premises) on those issues related to participation in the Program ;
● requisite "signature" of the chairman of the general meeting and the secretary (if he is elected) without reproduction of handwritten signatures.
Each page of the extract from the protocol is certified by the signature of the chairman of the board or another official of the condominium / authorized person of the condominium (indicating the position, surname, initials) and an imprint of the seal of the condominium (if used in accordance with the charter).

Excerpt from the protocol can be stitched: in this case, on the back of the last sheet, the certifying inscription "Stitched, numbered and sealed with a seal of __ sheets" is made, which is certified by the signature of the chairman of the board or another official of the condominium / of the authorized person of the condominium (indicating the position, surname, initials) and an imprint of the condominium's seal (if used).

Order the report on the technical inspection of the building and the report of the technical inspection

Who can host?

An expert on the technical inspection of buildings and structures (of the corresponding class of consequences) and persons added during martial law with the following qualifications:

● construction expert in the examination of project documentation in terms of ensuring mechanical resistance and stability (I category or leading);
● design engineer in terms of providing mechanical resistance and stability (I category or leading);
● consulting engineer in construction (I category or leading).
The technical inspection report must contain:

● information about the building and its existing structure;
● information about all the enclosing structures and engineering systems of the house;
● a list and causes of damage to the structure and/or building systems, photo-fixation materials with a description of the defects;
● determined category of damage to the building (in accordance with the Methodology for carrying out the survey and registration of its results, approved by the order of the Ministry of Community and Territorial Development of Ukraine No. 144 of 06.08.2022);
● the expert's conclusions and recommendations on repairing damage, in particular the recommended type of repair, estimated scope of work;
● an act drawn up based on the results of the survey of objects damaged as a result of emergency situations, military actions or acts of terrorism (appendix to the Report), in the form specified in Appendix 7 to the Methodology for conducting the survey and recording its results, approved by order of the Ministry of Community and Territorial Development of Ukraine (No. 144 dated 06.08.2022).
Importantly! The preliminary examination report must contain conclusions and a resolution part. It is not allowed to give a recommendation to conduct a detailed survey to establish the possibility of further repair and operation of the building. If such a recommendation is available, a detailed survey should be conducted and a Detailed Survey Report submitted to the Fund.

The report must contain information that the house was damaged as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, as well as the category of damage to the object (according to Appendix 3 to the Methodology for conducting the survey and registering its results , approved by the order of the Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine — No. 144 dated 06.08.2022). Objects covered by the Program belong to the I and II categories of damage.

All works included in the contractual prices under the Program,must be indicated in the Report explaining the reasons for the damage and the need for repair/restoration.

Prepare a letter on the implementation of emergency works

If the Technical Inspection Report specifies a list of works that are anti-accident (elimination of damage to the load-bearing structures of the building), these works must be completed by the time the Grant Application is submitted to the Fund.

The letter must be signed by the chief engineer or architect of the project (which is designed for participation in the "VidnovyDIM" Program or the project for the implementation of emergency works) with the qualification stamp of the designer/architect. The form of the letter is arbitrary, but it must contain a reference to the Technical Inspection Report, in which damage to the load-bearing structures is identified and listed, as well as a list of the measures taken, in accordance with the Report. It is also necessary to submit a photo of the completed emergency work.

Order a defective certificate, project solutions and estimates

The type of repair must be recommended by the technical inspection expert in the Technical Inspection Report and must comply with the Order of the State Housing and Housing Committee No. 150 of August 10, 2004.

Works, which by type of construction are classified as major repairs, require the production of project documentation. Works under the type of "current repair" do not require the development of project documentation, however, in order to correctly determine the scope and types of work, when drawing up estimates for the contractual price, calculations must be made in good quality, working diagrams, dimensional drawings, specifications for filling slots, etc. must be performed. They can be invited by the Fund to clarify the scope of work included in the contractual prices for the measures.

It is important to provide the estimators with a detailed list of acceptable measures and their marginal values (Appendix 2 to the "VidnovyDIM" Program). 

The total amount of the grant under the project cannot exceed UAH 7.2 million.

ATTENTION! The total estimated cost of construction, indicated in the Consolidated estimate of the construction object and in the Expert Report (positive), is the limit of funds — as a whole , as well as in the section of individual items of expenses according to the relevant columns, in particular the cost of construction works, expenses for the purchase and delivery of equipment to the construction site, and other expenses.

Detail about the measures compensated by the VidnovyDIM Program.

Order an examination (if the project cost is more than UAH 1 million) + Summary calculation

Conducting an examination and obtaining an expert report (positive) of an expert organization of state ownership (in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 560 dated 11.05.2011).

The consolidated estimate must correspond to the Expert Report, in particular:

● the name of the construction object must match in both documents;
● the total estimated cost of construction, in particular, according to the articles of construction works, equipment, other costs, must be the same in both documents;
● The consolidated estimate must be made in current prices as of the date that corresponds to the date of current prices of the total estimated cost of construction in the Expert Report.
The consolidated estimate is approved by the condominium association after receiving the expert report (positive). It must contain data on the document on the basis of which it was approved (minutes of the general meeting #_ from ___ / minutes of the board meeting #_ from ___ / order of the chairman of the board #__ from ___), the date of approval, which does not precede the date of approval of the Expert Report, position and PID of the chairman of the board / other authorized person of the condominium, his/her signature, seal of the condominium (if it is used). It is signed by the responsible persons of the project organization (indicating positions and surnames, initials).

Take a photo of the current state of the house

It should be possible to identify the current state of the building, the list and estimated scope of future works on the project based on the provided photos. To perform photo fixation, you should use the instructions  developed by the Foundation.

Open a condominium account at the Fund's partner bank

Requiredsubmit to the Fund a certificate from a partner bank (JSC "Ukrgazbank", JSC "Kredobank", JSC CB "PrivatBank") on opening an account / on an open account, which must contain information about the current current account of the condominium in the format of an international IBAN number. The certificate/letter must contain a number and date, must be signed by a responsible person of the bank (with a transcript of the signature) and certified with a seal.

Conclude a subcontract

Only annexes to the contract are provided to the Fund:

● contractual prices (for each event separately);
● protocols for agreeing prices for material resources (if the contractor is a non-VAT payer and if an expert report (positive) and a consolidated estimate are submitted);
● local estimates;
● summary information of resources.
ATTENTION! Contractual prices must be drawn up separately to ensure the possibility of determining specific values and calculating the grant. Also, they must be signed by representatives of the parties and contain details of the contract(s) to which they are an annex.

Learn more about concluding a contract and its annexes.

Submit a Grant Application to the Fund

The grant application is made according to the form according to Appendix 1 to the Grant Agreement. It is also necessary to submit accompanying documents to it in accordance with List of documents of condominiums within the framework of participation in the "VidnovyDIM" Program » and the order of their submission (Appendix 1 to this Program).

It is important to correctly fill in all the requested data about condominiums and officials, choose one of the answers in point 2.2(h) regarding receiving other grants — irrevocably and free funds, materials, equipment, works for acceptable measures under the project. The application is signed by the chairman of the board / another authorized person of the condominium. It must also contain a field with consent to the submission and processing of personal data of the person submitting the Application.

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