Funds were not collected
Funds were not collected
Condominium name
Residential complex Novo-Oskolskyi
Kyiv region
m. Irpin str. Novo-Oskolska, building 1K
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50.518366268479, 30.213111324766

The purpose of the project
Reconstruction of a residential building destroyed as a result of shelling by the Russian Federation, located at the address Novo-Oskolska St., building 1K, Irpin.
Relevance of the project (why the project is important for condominiums right now)
On March 23, 2022, in a matter of hours, our house was almost half destroyed by mortar and artillery fire of the Russian army. Several 152 mm shells and 80 mm mines hit the house. A fire broke out, which completely destroyed the roof and apartments on the 7th floor. Load-bearing walls, 5 floor slabs between floors, 80% of the windows in the building were damaged, the facade partially burned and collapsed; all internal communications to the basement burned out: sewage, water supply, electrical and Internet networks, the elevator and elevator equipment were damaged. Only the walls remained in 14 apartments. 20 partially destroyed apartments need major repairs.
Currently, there are only 8 habitable apartments in the building, people have already repaired them on their own. We hope that the residents of the remaining 34 apartments will be able to return to their homes this year.
Before a full-scale invasion
There is no information
After a full scale invasion
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At the moment, there is no information about the work performed and costs