Funds were not collected
Funds were not collected
Condominium name
Pavlichenko 20B
Kyiv region
Bila Tserkva, Pavlichenko St., Building 20B
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49.792656822563, 30.131077147923

The purpose of the project
Using solar energy to ensure uninterrupted operation of a rooftop modular boiler house and the basic needs of an apartment building. during the war during long-term /emergency/ and permanent scheduled blackouts of electricity.
Relevance of the project (why the project is important for condominiums right now)
In the multi-apartment building No. 20B on Pavlichenko Street, there is a modular boiler house on the roof, which is the common joint property of the co-owners of the building. During martial law, the shortage of electrical energy increases rapidly due to the damage to main and distribution networks, therefore there is a need for alternative sources of electricity supply that could meet the needs of the house at different times of the year, namely:
1. The first priority in winter is to ensure uninterrupted operation of the modular roof boiler room in terms of the functioning of the multi-apartment building and the safety of the co-owners of the building as a whole.
The main negative consequences of a permanent power outage of a modular boiler house:
- the use of natural gas increases, which further affects the increase in CO2 emissions/this directly affects the increase in the cost of heating for co-owners of the house and atmospheric pollution/;
- during a long-term power outage at a critical outdoor air temperature (-10° or more), there is a threat of the house functioning to stop/the air temperature dropping, especially in the technical floor of the house, to a critical limit, which will lead to the fusion of the heat carrier from the heating system in order to preserve the indoor networks from freezing, which in the future will lead to the impossibility of living in an unheated house, which also entails a number of other organizational issues in the direction of finding suitable living conditions for residents.
The main negative consequences of a long-term power outage in the house as a whole:
- it is not possible to ensure the operation of the intercom system/people's lives in the dark are at risk, the common property of the house is also at risk of damage; also the danger arises during the war in the penetration of unknown people into the entrances of the house, etc.;
- ensuring the installation of elevator equipment in the house/quick response to save a person's life in a critical situation and/or ensuring the vital activity of a person who cannot move without an elevator;
- ensuring the functioning of the simplest shelters during danger/powering communication equipment, the ability to charge phones, etc.
Before a full-scale invasion
The building was in the process of comprehensive thermal modernization
After a full scale invasion
It was possible to complete thermal modernization measures

At the moment, there is no information about the work performed and costs