Analytical material "Apartment accounting. Obtaining housing from state and public funds. Overview of legislation and judicial practice" contains the following sections:

  • Persons who need to improve living conditions 
  • What documents and where should be submitted to the application for apartment registration 
  • Procedure and terms of payment of monetary compensation for receiving residential premises for internally displaced persons who defended the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine  
  • Court practice.

You can familiarize yourself with the analytical material at the link: https ://   

The material was prepared within the framework of the project "Housing for Life: Integrated Solutions for Internally Displaced Persons". The project was created and implemented by the NGO "Kyiv city branch of the All-Ukrainian NGO "Civic Network OPORA" thanks to a grant received from the Program "Support of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)" in Ukraine within the financial support of the Embassy of Great Britain. The program is implemented by Crown Agents in partnership with International Alert and in cooperation with Crown Agents in Ukraine.

The content of the material does not necessarily reflect the views of the Embassy of Great Britain, the views of Crown Agents, International Alert and Crown Agents in Ukraine.