During the full-scale Russian war against Ukraine, which has been going on for more than a year, the population of Ukraine has suffered severe consequences associated with military actions. The war led to a reduction in jobs and incomes, forced displacement and significant infrastructural destruction. The biggest problem of IDPs is the problem of providing housing in host communities and destroyed and damaged own housing in de-occupied regions. In addition to the problem of the availability of housing stock, many victims note a low capacity to provide information, consultations and support in the process of using available tools for reconstruction or obtaining new housing. 

The public organization "Kyiv city branch of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Civil Network OPORA" together with the Coordination Center for the provision of legal assistance within the framework of cooperation within the framework of the project "Housing for Life: Comprehensive Solutions for Internally Displaced Persons persons (IDPs)" it is planned to hold an online training "Legal provision of solutions to housing problems of IDPs and other affected persons".

Our goal  is to satisfy legal needs, solve legal problems of internally displaced persons and other affected persons  in obtaining housing and observing their housing rights, as well as eliminating the causes of  legal problems in the field of housing relations by strengthening the provision of legal assistance.

We invite employees of local self-government bodies, volunteers who provide assistance to IDPs and other affected persons,  lawyers of the BPD system and lawyers who cooperate with the BPD system from Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Kherson regions to participate in the online training "Legal support for solving housing problems of IDPs and other vulnerable categories of citizens".

Online training includes 5 practical sessions on separate issues:

October 3, 2023, 14:00-16:00 "Procedure for temporary use of residential premises from housing funds for temporary residence of internally displaced persons"  

(we will consider the question of how the housing fund for temporary residence is formed, the algorithm of actions for taking into account citizens who need to provide housing from the housing funds for temporary residence and the procedure for providing housing premises of IDPs from housing funds for temporary residence, etc.).

October 12, 2023, 14:00-16:00 “Apartment accounting. Obtaining housing from state and public funds"

(let's consider the categories of IDPs that belong to  those persons who need improvement of living conditions, which package of documents,  must be prepared for taking on the apartment register, the sequence of providing housing premises, etc.).

October 18, 2023, 14:00-16:00 “Mortgage loan for housing for IDPs” 

(we will consider the issue of providing a housing loan for IDPs, conditions for providing preferential mortgage loans to IDPs, the procedure for obtaining a mortgage loan (step by step) and court practice).

October 24, 2023, 14:00-16:00  "Affordable housing program for IDPs"

(we will consider the issue of state support for the construction of affordable housing, the algorithm of actions for  participation in the program and the procedure for providing state support).

October 31, 2023, 14:00-16:00  "Provision of IDPs with social housing"

(we will consider the issue and practice of providing IDPs with social housing, the grounds for a citizen's right to be registered for social housing, the procedure for registering citizens for social housing, their stay on such registration and removal from it, provision of housing from the housing fund of social purpose, etc.).


Olga Semenyuk, lawyer, coordinator of the educational direction in the NGO "Ukrainian Helsinki Union for Human Rights", lecturer at the Higher School of Advocacy, member of the Family Law Committee of NAAU.


The event will be held on the Zoom platform. To participate in the event, you must fill out this form.

The project "Housing for Life: Comprehensive Solutions for Internally Displaced Persons" was created by the Public Organization "Kyiv City Center of All-Ukrainian Communities"of the organization "Civil Network OPORA" thanks to a grant received from Program "Support of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)" in Ukraine within financial support of Embassy of Great Britain. The program is implemented by Crown Agents in partnership with International Alert and in cooperation with Crown Agents in Ukraine.

The content of the training events does not necessarily reflect the views of the Embassy of Great Britain, the views of Crown Agents, International Alert and Crown Agents in Ukraine.