Funds were not collected
Funds were not collected
Condominium name
Kyiv region
Kyiv, Zhilyanska street, building 116A
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50.441742777047, 30.496662175135

20000000 UAH
The purpose of the project
Reconstruction of a residential building destroyed as a result of a UAV hit by the Russian Federation, located at 116A, Zhilyanska St.
Relevance of the project (why the project is important for condominiums right now)
On the morning of October 17, 2022, a residential building was hit by a Shahid drone released by the Rashists. As a result, 4 apartments out of 16 were destroyed and windows, doors, and balconies were broken. As of March 2023, the residents of 16 apartments were left without their own housing, and for the past five months they have not had a permanent place of residence, forced to rent apartments, to live with relatives. While active hostilities are taking place in the country, the financial capabilities of each of them are significantly reduced - therefore, unfortunately, they cannot rebuild their house with their own funds. KMDA says that the house cannot be rebuilt, but the architects believe otherwise. We want to rebuild on our own
Before a full-scale invasion
There is no information
After a full scale invasion
There is no information

At the moment, there is no information about the work performed and costs