Funds were not collected
Funds were not collected
Condominium name
Kravchenko, 12
Dnipropetrovsk region
Pavlograd St. Kravchenko, b. 12
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48.491436546418, 35.9312894964

The purpose of the project
The use of solar energy in conditions of permanent power outages to provide the general household needs of the co-owners of the house.
Ensuring the safe living of the residents of the building during power outages, using green energy.
Relevance of the project (why the project is important for condominiums right now)
In the conditions of martial law and after it, during the restoration of the country, we are forced to take care of the safety and comfortable living of the residents of the building. Constant power outages, scheduled or emergency, force residents to walk through dark stairs and corridors. Also, without electricity, locking devices do not work, which exposes residents to danger. The use of solar energy will solve these issues. We do not consider the use of generators on fuel, because fuel in large quantities needs to be stored somewhere, and there are no places for proper, safe storage in the condominium.
Before a full-scale invasion
The building has 5 floors, 2 entrances, 80 two-room apartments (former dormitory), three flights of stairs, long corridors for 8 apartments, 30 windows (old, wooden) in common areas. House without gas supply with electric stoves and individual electric heating in each apartment.
After a full scale invasion
Life goes on. We replaced 8 windows with new metal-plastic ones (we plan to continue), and overhauled the cold water supply system.

At the moment, there is no information about the work performed and costs