The project "Housing for Life: Integrated Solutions for Internally Displaced Persons" is designed to provide solutions to the current problems of IDPs and other vulnerable categories of citizens in realizing their right to housing. To achieve the results of the project, a systematic and comprehensive approach is used through direct work with a target group of vulnerable categories of people. 

Currently, regional consultants have started working in 8 regions of our country, providing free informational and advisory support to IDPs and other unprotected categories of the population regarding the solution of their housing issues that arose as a result of Russia's military invasion of the territory of Ukraine. In particular, coordinators already work in the following regions and communities: 

  • Dnipropetrovsk region — the cities of Dnipro, Pavlograd and Pavlograd district;
  • city of Zaporizhia and Zaporizhzhia region; 
  • Kherson region — Kherson and Bilozer communities;
  • Odesa city and Odesa region;
  • Mykolaiv Oblast — the city of Voznesensk;
  • Chernihiv Oblast — Ivanovo, Kyin communities;
  • Kharkiv city and Kharkiv region.

The key mission of the coordinators is to provide information, advise and support IDPs and other vulnerable categories of the population whose housing was destroyed or damaged as a result of the military aggression of the Russian Federation, to promote the restoration of their housing rights, to provide temporary social housing and reconstruction/access to permanent housing.

Contact information of coordinators HERE

Map showing the locations of regional coordinators and their contact details: https: // 

Let us remind you that in July this year started the project "Housing for life: integrated solutions for internally displaced persons (IDPs)".

The project was created by the Public Organization "Kyiv City Branch of the All-Ukrainian Public Organization "Civic Network OPORA" thanks to a grant received from the Program "Support of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)" in Ukraine within  financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth of Nations and Development of Great Britain. The program is implemented by Crown Agents in partnership with International Alert and in cooperation with Crown Agents in Ukraine.

The content of the publication does not necessarily reflect the views of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth of Nations and Development of Great Britain, the views of Crown Agents, International Alert and Crown Agents in Ukraine.