Today, 09/01/2023, the Government made several important decisions regarding settlement of housing issues of internally displaced persons. In particular:

  • The resolution approving the Procedure for the functioning of places of temporary residence for internally displaced persons was approved. For the first time, it defines the mechanism for the creation and accounting of such places, as well as the minimum requirements for the livelihood of IDPs.
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  • More than 277 million hryvnias have been allocated for compensation for free placement of IDPs in institutions. It is about compensations for utility services consumed during the unpaid stay of internally displaced persons in the premises of state, communal and private property.
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  • The mechanism for compensating costs for the shelter of displaced persons has been improved. The Cabinet of Ministers made changes to the Procedure for compensation of costs for temporary accommodation of internally displaced persons within the framework of the implementation of the "Shelter" project.
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Source of information  Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine.

The publication was created within of the project "Housing for life: integrated solutions for internally displaced persons".

The project was created by the Public Organization "Kyiv City Branch of the All-Ukrainian Public Organization "Civic Network OPORA" thanks to a grant received from the Program "Support of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)" in Ukraine within  financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth of Nations and Development of Great Britain. The program is implemented by Crown Agents in partnership with International Alert and in cooperation with Crown Agents in Ukraine.

The content of the publication does not necessarily reflect the views of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth of Nations and Development of Great Britain, the views of Crown Agents, International Alert and Crown Agents in Ukraine.

Let us remind you that from August of this year in 8 regions, the regional coordinators of the specified project "Housing for life: comprehensive solutions for IDPs" have started their activities. The key mission of the coordinators is to provide information, advise and support IDPs and other vulnerable categories of the population, whose housing has been destroyed or damaged as a result of the military aggression of the Russian Federation, to promote the restoration of their rights to housing - provision of temporary social housing and reconstruction/access to permanent housing.

Coordinators' contacts HERE or on the map: